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Your private inbox on the better Internet, for messages, money, and buying things.

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⚠️ Zbay is in beta. Don't use it for storing funds or when security is critical.

Message privately, on-chain

On Zbay, every direct message you send is end-to-end encrypted so that only the recipient can read it.

Unlike Signal & WhatsApp, Zbay does not use phone numbers or “trust on first use,” so it’s more resistant to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Buy & sell

You can buy and sell things on Zbay, privately, with Zcash.

Zbay lets you send a seller your order information (quantity, size, etc.) and your shipping address (if necessary) with funds in an encrypted message.

With Bitcoin, third parties can see who paid who, but Zcash makes this much more difficult, if not impossible, protecting your privacy. Someday Zbay will have escrow payments with dispute resolution and seller ratings. Right now, channel owners can use moderation to keep out scam sellers.

Build safe communities, earn money

Zbay has “channels”, group chats that can be either private or public.

Messages to a channel are encrypted, but everyone who gets the key to the channel can see them.

Public channels have owners who can moderate messages, keep their community safe from spam & abuse, set prices for advertising, and earn money if their channel thrives.

Be yourself, make your own rules

Zbay doesn't rely on central servers, and anyone can register a username or channel. (Soon, you’ll be able to register as many usernames as you want!)

Usernames and channels get engraved in the Zcash blockchain, with your cryptographic key.

This means Zbay does not control who has a Zbay account, or what you do with your account. If Zbay was ever forced to censor users, any developer could fork Zbay and remove the censorship.

Don't take our word for it

Zbay is free and open source software, so independent researchers will be able to verify that Zbay does what it claims.

Only you control the cryptographic keys to read your private messages.

If Zbay changes in an annoying or unethical way, any developer in the world can change Zbay’s code and publish a better version—and you could easily move your username, data, and messages to that new version.

Powered by Zcash

Zbay stands on the shoulders of giants. Instead of central servers it uses Zcash, a privacy-focused cryptocurrency with a world class team of experts in cryptography and privacy protection.

In turn, Zcash is based on Bitcoin, the oldest and most valuable cryptocurrency.

Zcash is a well-funded open source project, stewarded by both a for-profit company and a non-profit foundation committed to making it as secure, scalable, and private as possible.

With money built-in, you're in control

Zbay uses the Zcash cryptocurrency to do everything.

Reading messages is free, but sending a message costs about 1/50th of a cent. This simple mechanism helps sustain the network without relying on, say, a giant corporation monetizing your data someday.

For now, every Zbay user gets ~100+ messages to start with, for free! We’re also working on making it extremely easy to buy Zcash, and to make all messages free in cases where they don't burden the network, for example when the recipient is online. Ultimately, we hope to prove it's possible to build usable online spaces that don't compromise on privacy, freedom, or control. This is just a start, and we invite you to try it.

It's cool. Try it.

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Download for Mac
⚠️ Zbay is in beta. Don't use it for storing funds or when security is critical.